Welcome to our self-sufficient world

Malin & Peter på Sjöborgen

The farm is run by the third generation, is steeped in history from the 15th century where nobility, poison murder and presence of the forest's essence make themselves felt in the history.

Guided by the essence of the farm and forest who has been watch over and managed Sjoborgen for centuries Malin and Peter live a self sufficient life, they left the rat race lifestyle 2012 to downchift and start to live what the land, forest and lake give them in harmony with nature,

We live a life without working hours, we eat what we grew, picked and raised. Live a life where recycling arranges our welfare. In the brewery and the kitchen we refine what the garden, forest and lake provide, In the workshop we repair, manufacture and construct much of what is needed.

Our passion for what we do is enriched when you request and purchase what Sjoborgen makes and offers in our brewery shop on the farm.

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"The art of living"

Sjoborgen non alcoholic brewery

In Smaland, Sweden we make the World taste little better

On the farm can you meet and buy our beverages with

 Taste of Sjoborgen

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